Snowy Oxford - a very white start to 2010!

January has been a strange old month so far - I've never known such a prolonged spell of such cold weather. It's very disruptive transport-wise, but so very, very beautiful. I nipped out in my lunchbreak the day after the first big snowfall to try and capture a few scenes before it got too grotty and slushy. These were all taken on my little Panasonic Lumix LX3, which I'm really pleased with. See my Flickr Oxford Set for the full complement of photos. Lots of choice for our next Christmas Card and January calendar slot :)

Wintery trees in Christchurch Meadows  *1*
Snowy canal boat
Snow dog
Fabulous tree in Christchurch Meadows
Wintery tree in Christchurch Meadows
Christchurch Gates