2012: A Blythe obsession begins

So, 2012 dawns and I go round to the lovely Candy Pop's penthouse for a photo session. I find myself drawn to her amazing collection of Blythe dolls. I am hooked. They are so photogenic and so much fun. It's a whole new world. I go home and place my first order - twins. A couple of weeks later another one is on the way :) I'm told it is a slippery slope.....but so much fun. Apologies in advance to those of you with an aversion to dolls - you might need to avoid my photostream for a while - at least until the spring flowers start poking through :)

Here are my first few photos. More oufits are on the way and I've got lots of ideas for future photos - so watch this space.....

Say hello to Chloë and Tilly
Chloë models her new Megipupu outfit
Chloë goes psychedelic
My little pony
Do you like my dress?
Warm and cosy