A little bit obsessed...with Florabella's Color Matte Actions

Anyone who's been following my Flickr stream of late will have noticed lots of square images pop up with pretty colour blocks, textures and patterns. Since I bought Florabella's delicious Color Matte Actions and Design Kit, I can't help myself - everything has to be square and pretty! If you like what you see, do go and check out the Florabella Collection - her Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions are truly fabulous and a staple of mine (great for producing dreamy, soft, pastel, vintage effects) and she has lots and lots of pretty textures and frames. I thought the square format would be perfect for blogging! So here are a few recent favourites:

Purple linen
Possible exhibition photo *6*
Sofia explores the Botanic Garden
Sofia in the Botanic Garden
Bunny girl
Charlie girl
Miss Sally Rice
60s twins with a damask twist