A super lovely birthday weekend in Bath

I can highly recommend Bath as a destination for a long weekend of wandering, shopping and photography! We stayed in a super lovely B&B called Brindley's as a special birthday treat - very stylish, clean, quiet, perfectly located and very friendly - highly recommended!

Our room at Brindley's B&B
More Brindley's
Brindley's B&B
Morning everyone! Our final breakfast treat :)
Jane has come too! #blythe #punkaholicpeople
And Kate - planning an autumn photo shoot tomorrow :) #blythe #cancancat

We had a good wander around the vintage shops and crafty places - Wool stocks a fab selection of beautiful yarn and The Makery is a treasure trove of crafty goodness (and the source of the cute pin pots below) :) There were also some lovely stalls outside on the main shopping streets on Sunday, including freckle which sold some beautiful handmade things, including the scrabble letters and birds below, and a rather fine crocheted blanket which might have come home with me!

How cute are these pin pots?
Today's rabbit purchases :) #bunny
Market stall in Bath - freckle
Market stall in Bath - freckle
Bride and groom birdies

The architecture is stunning - and looks especially beautiful against an autumnal backdrop. I could certainly live here!!

The Royal Crescent and a very small @alpower #bath
Royal Crescent, Bath
Autumn feet - survived a day of walking and shopping in my new shoes - gotta love Clarks :)
Autumn steps
More Royal Crescent fabulousness :) #bath
I love these lamp posts! #bath
Autumnal Jane #blythe #punkaholicpeople
Pretty pretty leaves - I want to live here! #bath
No. 17 #bath
Climbing rose #bath
Fancy window boxes #bath
Fabulous front doors by the bucket load in #bath

We had so much fun wandering around with our cameras. Here's a rare shot of me, complete with owl hat :)

And let's not forget the tea and coffee shops! I must confess rather a lot of cake was consumed - we found the amazing Society Cafe through a blog post which raved about it's wide selection of gluten-free cakes - we were not disappointed! The triple layer chocolate and salted caramel cake was rather scrumptious :) And somehow we still managed to find room for dinner later - my favourite place we ate at was La Perla - a Spanish tapas place - yum!

#SocietyCafe in #Bath - the finest gluten free cakes I've ever had :)
Call me #bath
Look up - it's so pretty!
Strada red #bath