Cupcake lusciousness

I was having my usual mooch around the Oxford vintage market on Thursday lunchtime when I came across the most delicious looking stall of homemade cakes. It turns out the third Thursday of every month at Gloucester Green is when the farmer's market comes to town. Oh happy day!

As someone on a gluten free diet for the last decade or so, I can tell you that a cupcake is a very rare treat indeed. So, when I saw the prettiest looking cupcakes I have ever seen and casually asked: do you have any gluten free ones? And the answer was "yes, several" I nearly fainted! The sale was a given at this point. Having now nommed my chocolate banana flavoured gluten free cupcake (the copper coloured one) I can confirm they taste every bit as delicious as they look. I can say with certainty that I will be back for more!

Cupcake celebration
Om nom nom
Vintage cupcakes