A lovely potter round Oxford in the sunshine

Saturday was a day of glorious sunshine - a rare treat in recent weeks. So we decided to make the most of it and get out and about with our cameras. But don't be fooled by all that beautiful light - it was still very cold! I hadn't used my DSLR in ages, so it was a bit of a fumbly day, especially given my frozen fingers...

First up, was a trip to one of my favourite haunts - the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. We were treated to carpets of snowdrops glowing in the sunshine - such a beautiful sight. I bought a Blythe along with me too - and managed to get a few shots. If anyone has invented a graceful easy way of transporting Blythes around so they are easy to get out for quick shots, please let me know. Fumbling around with bubble wrap, frozen fingers, too many bags and lenses wasn't easy!!

Snowdrops glowing in the sunshine
Jane found a lovely patch of snowdrops

Next up, was a wander down Merton Street to the beautiful Merton College. So quiet and peaceful compared to the busy High Street. We were out in the middle of the day, so made the most of the shooting conditions by looking for interesting shadows.

Me and my shadow
M for Merton College
Flamboyant shadows
Shadow lamp at Merton College
Merton College reflections
Merton College bathed in sunshine
Jane explores Merton College Chapel

After a delicious lunch and coffee with friends we meandered back at the golden hour past the Bodleian and Radcliffe Camera and that beautiful stonework was positively glowing. A thoroughly lovely day :)

Golden hour shadows
Dancing light at the golden hour