A lovely long weekend in Devon

It's been a while since my last trip to the sea - too long. There's something very special about watching the waves crash and roll, over and over. It's very humbling. Reminds me how small we are and how the world will go on without us. A marvellous way of putting your troubles in perspective. And I love a good dose of fresh sea air, even if it is ****** freezing! So, when my lovely sister asked me what we wanted to do, the answer was the same every day - go to the sea!

Braunton Burrows
Look what I found!
We found the sea!

So we visited Westward Ho! with its very jolly exclamation mark and lovely pebbles and shells, then my absolute favourite, Saunton Sands, via a rather longer than expected trek through Braunton Burrows (i.e. we got lost!), and finally topped it all off with a trip to the glorious Putsborough beach. All very worth a visit. And very cold. And mostly grey - until the last afternoon, when the sun pushed its way out from behind a bank of cloud and we bathed ourselves in gentle spring sunshine. On the beach. Oh yes!

Kissing shells :)
Treasures from the sea

Oh and my sister has a new puppy - the cutest little thing you ever saw - he's called Max and is just 12 weeks old. Can you spot him below?

Watercolour Westwood Ho!
Is that a Puppy in your coat?
Sea, sky, space: tonic for the soul