In memory of my beautiful Mum

My beautiful Mum passed away in 2007 after a long battle with cancer. I miss her so much. There's so much I want to share with her, and ask her, and enjoy with her. She didn't get to see me get married. Or see my first home, or my blog. We loved so many of the same things and I know she would be so proud of what I've done over the last few years. So I thought I would dedicate this post to her, and happy memories, and share some of her favourite things.

I love this picture of my Mum. It was taken on a trip to Sark in 2001. We had such a wonderful time pottering around the beaches, searching for pretty pebbles, drinking cups of tea and making friends with stray cats. (Apologies that it's a bit grainy as this is a scan of an old print - pre-digital days!)

So what are my Mum's favourite things? So many!

Space, sea and sand


Drinking cups of tea out of pretty china

Vintage noms

Colour and beautiful, happy flowers

Golden sunshine


I could use a bit of this right now

Smooth round pebbles

Project 52 ~ Week 6 ~ Hearts
The perfect pebble

Autumn leaves

Autumn pinks

Soothing greenery

Dancing acers

Softness and beautiful simplicity

Soft landing

Creative things - Mum loved to make, and write....

My owl shelf

Her beloved St. Ouen's beach, whatever the weather - and paddling in the sea :)

The delectable St. Ouen's Bay, Jersey
Sparkly ripples

Springtime - there's something so special about the first flowers bursting through after the winter rest

Mum so loved the changing seasons

Carpet of crocuses
Dreaming of frothy white blossom....

Owls - something I've inherited :)

Up close and personal

I thought I would end by sharing a bit of a poem I wrote for my Mum for her 60th birthday.

You give thanks each day

For your beautiful house by the sea

By the waves, the rhythm

Of nature is all around you

Flowers blossom in your garden

Nurtured by your gentle care

You watch the leaves turning from

Green to gold and red with delight

Whilst the butterflies and bees

Busy away, spreading their amber nectar

Even rabbits and moles and magpies

Play in the grass before you

Now you have turned 60

And the little girl inside is full of glee

And more joyful still

And the voice within grows stronger

More confident and graceful

By the day

You are so full of love and gratitude

And wonder

Just like a child

So beautiful