Blythes go to Cornwall

Some may think me mad, but I took 8 Blythes on holiday with me to Cornwall! So pleased I did. It's so nice to have some time to take some "proper" outdoor photos of them.

A few of the girls came on holiday to Cornwall with me….

We took a trip to a beautiful Japanese Garden in St. Mawgan which provided the perfect backdrop for Blythe photos. It's been so cold over here, that there were hardly any signs of spring - so the Blythes provided a lovely splash of colour. If you ever get the chance to visit this garden you must go - it is so beautiful and peaceful.

Veronique and Amelia admire the view at the Japanese Gardens *1*

Veronique (Phoebe Maybe) wears a hat by Little Owl for Blythe and a mohair cardigan by my lovely sister On Blythe Street. Boots are vintage barbie :) 

Amelia (Factory Blythe with AE hair colour/eye chips) wears an outfit by my lovely sister On Blythe Street. Boots are vintage barbie :)

Sunbathing in the Japanese Garden
The girls found a Blythe size meditation stool in the Japanese Garden
Miss Amelia basking in the beauty of the Japanese Garden
We found a house!
Make a wish…..
A quiet moment of reflection by the bamboo

Another day we went on a lovely cliff path walk from Watergate Bay to the Bedruthan Steps via Mawgan Porth. It really is stunning scenery. So Bella came along too and was happy to pose by the clifftops. I must admit I did get a bit close to the edge to get the perspective right...but happily there were no accidents :)

Bella (Bow Wow Trad) wears a fabulous fox hat by Poppy Tree Lane and a jumper by my lovely sister On Blythe Street.

Bella the travelling fox finds a nice spot to stop for a rest
Bella the travelling fox admires the view looking out to the Bedruthan Steps

Another highlight was a trip to the most amazing vintage shop in Marazion called Fine and Dandy (see my earlier post for lots of photos). I took a few of the girls along to meet the lovely Shevie who had never met a Blythe in the flesh before. They looked right at home in her lovely shop :)

The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *18*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *17*