2013: my year in pictures

Apologies if you've seen nothing but "review of the year" type posts for the last few days. But it's something I'm very fond of. I love looking back over my photos of the year and remembering and reflecting and smiling. I only photograph the pretty stuff, so it's most definitely a highlight reel - don't think my life is all pretty pastel dreams! This year has certainly not been that.

First up are my springtime favourites. Spring came very late, but we did eventually get some very pretty blossom. I've enjoyed lots of wanders around my city (Oxford), a visit to a beautiful Artweeks show by Found and Sewn, a meet-up with a bunch of other bloggers, a wander around Waddesdon Manor to enjoy the first colour of the year, and lots more...

Next, it's my summer favourites. It was so very lovely to have a proper summer this year. I spent lots of time in the garden - bliss! And enjoyed the beautiful flowers and butterflies in the Oxford Botanic Garden and Waterperry Gardens, and finally made it the Columbia Road flower market - crazy yet beautiful!

Thirdly, we have my favourite seaside shots of 2013. I adore the sea, as you can probably tell, and desperately need a regular sea fix. One day, we will move to the sea. For now, we visit as often as we can. The shots below are of Christchurch in Dorest (those beach huts!), Jersey (a lovely trip home to see my family), Devon and Cornwall.

Next it's my favourite pics of my home and my knick knacks/vintage kitsch stuff - or treasure as I like to think of it. Pretty things that make me very happy. Especially at the moment, I spend a lot of time at home, so it's very important to me for it to be a happy, colourful, pretty space. I've had so much fun thrifting this year and also making things after my wonderful sewing course. More of that to come in 2014!

Then we have my favourite Blythe shots of 2013. My collection has massively slowed down this year. Only two new girls this year: Tarts and Tea (purchased from the lovely Candy Pop on the first day of the year!) and a factory girl that's currently in pieces. And my Casual Affair went to live with my sister. This year, I plucked up the courage to take some dolls apart and matte their faces and change their eye chips. It made a huge difference to my photography, and as soon as I have some strength I will tackle a few more! I was also extremely fortunate to attend my first ever Blythecon in New York.

Then we have my favourite autumnal shots of the year. Autumn this year was spent in New York, Vermont and Maine - a stunning way to enjoy my favourite season for colour.

And last, but definitely not least, a round-up of some of my favourite shots taken on my travels this year. We have a row each for the Lake District (a week in June and it didn't rain!!!), New York, Vermont, and Maine. I turned 40 in October, so went on a fabulous USA trip to celebrate.

And that's a wrap! Thank you for sharing my blogging year - a whopping 74 posts this year. I've thoroughly enjoyed it and am immensely grateful for all your views and comments and inspiration. I'm excited to see what 2014 has in store - lots of change for me, that's for sure. I wish you all the most wonderful, happy, creative and fulfilling year ahead. xxx