Japanese Garden in St. Mawgan, Cornwall

I can highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Japanese Garden in St. Mawgan, Cornwall (not far from Newquay) if you're ever down that way. We've visited each year for the last 3 years and would eagerly go back!

It's such a peaceful spot, nestled in a little valley. Stepping into the garden you are greeted with bird song and the soft gongs made by wind chimes gently blowing in the breeze. The winding paths lead you to so many different and beautiful view points - it's been very carefully designed. I could happily sit on one of the benches for hours just looking and listening.

The garden makes a perfect backdrop for some Blythe photos, so it's become a bit of a tradition for me to take a few along with me for a little photoshoot :)

There are lots of water features, shelters, statues, Acers and bamboo in abundance. At the end of the garden is a little zen garden, watched over by a beautiful buddha statue and some wooden meditation stools.

They also have a bonsai nursery and a lovely shop, so it's a great place to pick up a Bonsai, Acer or some of those beautiful wind chimes you've been listening to. We bought some deep mellow wind chimes a few years ago and I love listening to them every day.

Our visits have happened to be in spring each year, but I'd love to visit in another season, and see the garden wearing a different coat....

You can see more photos of the garden on Flickr.

More Cornwall photos and recommendations coming soon - I've finally finished my photo editing marathon! Z xx