Fabulous vintage fabric pins

Well hello and Happy Friday lovely people! Hasn't that rolled around quickly? I'm popping back today to share some of my favourite vintage fabric pins and pinners. Those of you who've followed along for a while will know that I adore colour and pattern - especially the vintage floral numbers from the 1960s and 70s. There's just something about those bold, bright, colourful and often naive patterns that makes my heart sing! I don't have the budget or the space to snap up every print I love, so Pinterest is the next best thing. I get to feast my eyes on a huge range of beauties from around the world I would otherwise not encounter - it's a win win situation :)

So, here are a few snapshots of my Happy Colours and Prints Pinterest board. It's not just about vintage fabric - you'll find gorgeous wallpaper, tea towels and the odd vintage illustration too that makes me happy :)

I came relatively late to the Pinterest party, but now I'm completely addicted. I think it's a marvellous invention for those collectors amongst us who would otherwise be spending money we don't have to fill space we don't have with beautiful things. Now we can do it all virtually! You can find me on Pinterest as @zoepower.

If you love the 60s and 70s floral numbers as much as I do, I'm pretty sure you will love the boards of all these lovely pinners too: @modflowersUK (and do take a look at her lovely blog featuring her gorgeous creations using all that swoon-worthy fabric).

@rainbowvintagehome (and whilst you're at it check out her gorgeous shop selling the creme de la creme of vintage fabric).

@janefoster (who makes the most gorgeous creations combining her screen prints with the most enviable collection of vintage fabric I've ever seen).

@pommedejour (the lovely Tanya sells vintage fabric via Etsy and eBay and finds some incredible designs).

Happy pinning!