Fabulous vintage fabric pins

Well hello and Happy Friday lovely people! Hasn't that rolled around quickly? I'm popping back today to share some of my favourite vintage fabric pins and pinners. Those of you who've followed along for a while will know that I adore colour and pattern - especially the vintage floral numbers from the 1960s and 70s. There's just something about those bold, bright, colourful and often naive patterns that makes my heart sing! I don't have the budget or the space to snap up every print I love, so Pinterest is the next best thing. I get to feast my eyes on a huge range of beauties from around the world I would otherwise not encounter - it's a win win situation :)

So, here are a few snapshots of my Happy Colours and Prints Pinterest board. It's not just about vintage fabric - you'll find gorgeous wallpaper, tea towels and the odd vintage illustration too that makes me happy :)

I came relatively late to the Pinterest party, but now I'm completely addicted. I think it's a marvellous invention for those collectors amongst us who would otherwise be spending money we don't have to fill space we don't have with beautiful things. Now we can do it all virtually! You can find me on Pinterest as @zoepower.

If you love the 60s and 70s floral numbers as much as I do, I'm pretty sure you will love the boards of all these lovely pinners too: @modflowersUK (and do take a look at her lovely blog featuring her gorgeous creations using all that swoon-worthy fabric).

@rainbowvintagehome (and whilst you're at it check out her gorgeous shop selling the creme de la creme of vintage fabric).

@janefoster (who makes the most gorgeous creations combining her screen prints with the most enviable collection of vintage fabric I've ever seen).

@pommedejour (the lovely Tanya sells vintage fabric via Etsy and eBay and finds some incredible designs).

Happy pinning!

Cushion makeover time

I've been stockpiling lovely vintage fabric for quite a long time now and am so pleased to finally get round to making something with it. I decided it was time to change our cushion covers - a relatively cheap and easy way to refresh our living space. The first challenge was to choose which fabrics to use....

I knew I wanted something happy and bright to cheer us up during these dark winter months, so this led my choice for this first lot of cushions. I used fat quarters for the fronts, but needed bigger pieces for the backs, as I decided to go for the envelope style. Turns out that I don't actually have that many bigger pieces - need to hunt down some more vintage sheets :)

Fronts on the left, backs on the right:

For the second lot, I had bought some gorgeous aqua, green and purple fabric (once an old bedspread I think) that I hoped would co-ordinate well with the aqua theme in my bedroom, and my aqua owl shelf. I was so pleased with how they turned out and how they look in situ - such beautiful colours! I used a vintage sheet for the back of the cushions.

The last lot of cushions were dominated by purple. I thought the bold print would work well with the blue and purple barkcloth lampshade in my sitting room :) I used the same vintage sheet for the cushion backs as before - one sheet goes a very long way! Not so sure about the purple M&S fabric one in the middle, though, am feeling like I need a bit more pink now! Might have to go and have another rummage in my stash....

Thrifting fun in Devon

Well, Happy Wednesday everyone! Can't believe how quickly the time is flying - only 7 sleeps until Christmas - eek!

I went to visit my lovely sister in Barnstaple recently for a pre-Christmas get together and some crafting and thrifting fun. It's so lovely to share interests - we had a fun day (or two!) exploring the many charity shops in Barnstaple, I had some refresher knitting lessons and a tutorial on how to make an empire line Blythe dress, and I helped my sister with some Blythe customisation...I think that first moment when you open up one of your precious Blythes needs some friendly support!! We also found the time for some beautiful bracing sea walks with the doggies, even though the weather was rather wild!

Merry Kitschmas from the seven dwarfs!
A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!

I thought I'd share some of my charity shop finds with you today, as I really am super excited by them. Normally, I have the worst luck - I visit the charity shops in Oxford frequently and rarely find anything, so this was a most unusual haul!

First up is the most amazing, happy, colourful crochet blanket. I think this was the last thing I found, and my favourite. It is hard to portray how vivd the colours are - especially the green - it glows! I just love the edging too - haven't seen much like this before.

A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!
A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!
A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!

Next up are some finds from the North Devon Hospice, which has an upstairs dedicated to vintage. I squealed rather a lot when I went up the stairs! I found the most beautiful cotton yellow tunic dress - please excuse the photos - it needs a good wash and an iron - but isn't that print just fab! Roll on spring :)

My happy dress
My happy dress

I also fell in love with these pyrex cups and their yellow rose print. In an unusually restrained move, I left them behind the first day whilst I thought about it (do we have the space?) and went back for them the next day and happily they were still there! I'm so pleased I did. They were only £4 too - such a bargain!

I adore this yellow rose print :)
I adore this yellow rose print :)

And then my eyes spotted the most fabulous quilted dressing gown. This beauty was just £2.50!! Isn't the print just divine? It came complete with a vintage tissue (used!) in that pretty pocket :) Now all washed and fresh as a daisy. I was originally contemplating cutting it up to make some things, but I don't think I can bear to, so it will stay hanging up for me to admire, and remain a photo prop. I might just have to parade round in it on Xmas day too :)

Granny chic
Granny chic

And that's not it! In this treasure trove of vintage goodness, I also found the beautiful double bedspread below. And THE most amazing seven dwarfs at the top of the page. Aren't they absolutely fabulous? I couldn't believe my luck when I found them :) They are now brightening up my white Christmas tree - and (hopefully) safely located at the top, out of reach of cats :)

A most beautiful pink bedspread

In a different shop I found another fabulous crochet blanket in different shades of purple. I must confess to having quite a large collection of them - perhaps another blog post to show and tell....

More crochet blanket love
More crochet blanket love

And last, but not least, as I was paying for my happy multi-coloured crochet blanket, I spotted some vintage Christmas decs on the counter: 5 for 50p!! Would have been rude not to, so santa and Mr Snowman came home with me, along with a pink bauble or two!

Mr Snowman
Awesome santa

All in all, a thoroughly lovely trip and a most fabulous haul. Now I need a bigger house!! Wishing you all a super lovely and very happy and relaxing Christmas in case I don't "see" you before then! Hope all your preparations are going well. It's been a bit of a handmade Christmas for me this year - pics to follow once the lovely recipients have opened their presents :)

Friday Favourites ~ four fabulous vintage sellers

Happy Friday folks! It's rolled around awfully quickly, hasn't it? Today I thought I'd share four of my favourite "go-to" vintage sellers on Etsy. From left to right we have:

  • Thrifters: a wide range of beautifully curated and photographed vintage items from home decor to kitsch ornaments to kitchenware. This is also the source of my fabulous Japanese kitsch cats which I just adore!
  • Fine and Dandy Marazion: the online arm of the most fabulous vintage shop I have ever had the fortune to visit. Full of fabulous kitsch toys and ornaments and other loveliness that has caught Shevie's amazing eye for treasure. Also the source of quite a lot of my own vintage treasures :)
  • Pomme de Jour: a fabulous collection of vintage fabrics and wallpaper and other homewares, based in France. If the 60s and 70s are your thing, then Tanya has it covered. I've treated myself to some of her fabulous fabrics and there are many more on my wish list!
  • KittyKatDance: a USA based store bursting with colour and happy kitsch ornaments and toys and fabulous handmade Xmas wreaths with bambis...a few of my bambis have come from here :)

Friday Favourites ~ four fabulous vintage sellers

The magic of Mod Podge

Those of you who've been following along for a while will know that I have a bit of a thing for pretty backdrops for my photos. I have amassed quite a collection of pretty papers that I've adhered to mount board for ease of use - I got fed up fumbling with rolls of paper and blu tack...

Up until now I've mostly used wrapping paper which sticks very nicely using double sided sticky tape. But recently I bought some beautiful vintage wallpapers that refused to work with double sided tape. Cue disaster no.1! Impatient as ever, I squirted a whole load of PVA glue generously on the back of the paper and tried hard to smooth it onto the mount board. It refused to lie flat and wanted to ripple. So I got some nice big heavy boxes and laid them flat on the paper as it dried. NOT a good move! This creased the paper nicely and it didn't dry properly. Cue disaster no. 3 - how about giving it a bit of an iron? That gets rid of wrinkles, right? Not a good move! By now I have wrinkly, creased wallpaper on warped mount board. I was almost in tears!

So here's where the Mod Podge comes in. On the recommendation of the lovely Ada Bea that I bought the beautiful wallpaper from, I tried again, with more patience, some Mod Podge and a sponge applicator brush. Much better! This time, I evenly spread a very thin layer of Mod Podge to the mount board using the sponge applicator and set it aside. I did the same to the back of the wallpaper and then very carefully placed the paper on the board (it helps to have two people for this bit) and gently pressed out any air bubbles. I then used a rolling pin (!) to gently smooth out any remaining creases and air bubbles and then left to dry. It worked a dream!

Here's the beautifully mounted wallpaper from Vintage Sheet Addict:

70s vintage wallpaper

And here are a couple of shots I've taken using the mounted wallpaper as the backdrop. Much happier now :)

The golden girl