Botanic Garden

Summer lovin'

I took a very welcome break from all the DIY in late May and headed to my favourite little sanctuary in Oxford, the University Botanic Garden, for my summer floral fix. It's such a peaceful space, as oasis of calm, tucked away right in the City centre. And right now it's just bursting with colour. I spent a happy hour wandering and snapping with my camera before meeting a lovely friend for lunch.

There was just so much to see, from the country garden borders above to beds of beautiful Irises of many varieties to the wild summer meadow to big blousy peonies....

All that colour really is tonic for the soul, especially when coupled with birdsong :)

I spent a long time in the large bed of Poppies, watching them dancing gracefully in the breeze. Such a beautiful, elegant flower....

I love the little details my macro lens brings out - nature really is pretty amazing.

A thoroughly lovely and restorative visit - I will be back soon! I hope you are all enjoying some summer colour, wherever you are. xxx

Spring has sprung in Oxford, oh yes!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see longer, sunny days, trees dusted in beautiful blossom and flowers poking up through the ground. Oh yes, spring is most definitely here and is most welcome indeed!

There is an absolutely gorgeous cherry blossom tree on the High Street in Oxford outside the University Church of St. Mary's. It's my spring barometer and is usually one of the first things to bloom, often in early February. I photograph it every year - it's my spring ritual and I never get bored of it! I caught it a bit late this year, as the blossom is already falling and making a very pretty carpet....

I was very happy to win the lovely Emily Quinton's Floral Friday competition last Friday with an iPhone shot of this beautiful tree :)

I also spent a most wonderful afternoon pottering around the University's Botanic Garden - another one of my favourite haunts. I'm always itching to get out my macro lens once the spring flowers start poking through, so I was a bit trigger happy - but who could blame me? I also had a lovely picnic lunch OUTSIDE in the sunshine with a lovely friend :)

I stepped inside one of the beautiful glass houses to be greeted by the most divine scent of Jasmine - and so many floral and ferny delights. It was so warm too. I felt like a happy cat in a window :)

I also braved some of the hotter glass houses - really didn't need my feather down coat and woolly hat that's for sure! The beautiful, delicate (and tiny) crocuses below were in the Alpine House.

I hope you're not bored of springy images yet, as there are lots more coming! I had the most delicious walk last Sunday amongst daffodils and crocuses this space! And enjoy this gorgeous spring sunshine when it appears :)

A sunny summer Sunday stroll

I hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous summer weather we've been having! So very lovely to have day after day of sunshine and blue skies - tonic for the soul indeed.

Sunbathing in the Botanic Garden, Oxford

The lovely Candy Pop and I ventured out last Sunday for a stroll around Oxford in the sunshine - what a scorcher!

We started out in the beautiful Botanic Garden - everything's out in full bloom, so there was colour everywhere you looked. I bought a Blythe along with me for some summer shots and we managed to find a pretty spot in the shade for a pic or two :)

Summer brights
Summer meadow
Summer in the Botanic Garden, Oxford
Layers of purple
Pastel prettiness

After some sparkling limonata and a superfood salad al fresco in the cool breeze, we headed onwards to the beautiful and peaceful Magdalen College (oh and there may have been a short pit stop to acquire a gorgeous minty owl vase on the way....). Plenty of quiet, shady spots here for some outfit shots. Oh and some of the deer had wandered unusually close by, so we got a bonus peek of these beautiful shy creatures (but sadly no pics - wrong lens on at the time...). Photos of me taken by the very lovely Candy Pop.

Summer days at Magdalen College, Oxford
Summer days at Magdalen College, Oxford
Summer days at Magdalen College, Oxford
Summer days at Magdalen College, Oxford

What I'm wearing: top - Anthropologie (many moons ago) | denim skirt - Howies (also many moons ago) | Birkies | hoop handled bag made from vintage fabrics - Reloved Preloved (one of many - I *adore* these bags :)

We stopped for a little rest in the shade on the lawn and I couldn't get over how immaculate the grass looked - lots of love and care has clearly gone into tending this. It also made a fabulous backdrop for some more Blythe shots.

Summer days at Magdalen College, Oxford
In my bag...
Gorgeous yellow prints
Summer florals

Well that's all for now folks - back soon with some more summery photos. Hope you're all enjoying this fabulous sunshine and managing to stay cool! Z x