Lee Big Stopper

A rather soggy but very lovely July week in Cornwall and Devon

It rained and it rained! But the sun did come out a *little* bit and then we rushed out with our cameras! We stayed in a super lovely holiday cottage near Marhamchurch, Bude. We were out in the countryside surrounded by sheep! But only a few minutes drive from the coast - perfect location! It was so peaceful and relaxing. And we had the most amazing huge copper bath in our bedroom, which we made good use of!

iPhone montage of our Cornwall holiday

We had some lovely beaches nearby, including Summerleaze and Crooklets. Summerleaze had lots of really pretty pastel beach huts and an outdoor pool, filled by the tide. Widemouth was really close too, and a great spot for surfing.

Beach huts
Beach hut blues
No. 45
Beach huts
Summer breeze

I think my favourite day was a trip down a very scary, narrow, windy lane/dirt track to get to an amazing rocky beach to play with my Lee Big Stopper. For once we got the timing just right and arrived as the tide was coming in. These shots were all taken on a tripod with a Lee 0.6 ND grad filter, plus the Lee Big Stopper, which allowed me to slow the exposure down to 30 seconds to get that lovely misty, ethereal effect as the tide washed in. It was my first time playing with the Big Stopper, so I was pretty happy with the results!

Sea whispers

Another lovely highlight of our trip was a visit to Clovelly in Devon - it is privately owned and no cars are allowed, so you have to park outside the village and pay a fee to enter. It was worth it, though, as it is so very pretty - lots of houses have decorations on their colourful doors and there are flowers everywhere. The steep cobbled windy road leads down to a pretty harbour....

More pretty geraniums
Shabby chic
Summer in a pot

More photos can be found on Flickr, as always.