Nämä Designs

Have you come across Nämä Designs/Ruth Landsea before? If not, allow me to introduce you. Ruth is a designer living in Finland and sells a range of her homewares, plus those of other designers (mostly local artisans) she feels an affinity with, from her online Nämä Shop. Her products are made in small batches in Finland and the quality is just beautiful. I fell head over heels in love with the simplicity, muted tones, natural materials and the gorgeous illustrations.

My absolute favourites are the chopping boards (handmade from layers of Finnish birch wood with a protective melamine coating on the surfaces), but I love all the products, which complement each other perfectly. The styling is just gorgeous too.

As you can see, one of her beautiful chopping boards came to live with me and makes me smile every day :) I can't bear to use it for chopping, though - it's far too precious!

You can find Ruth's beautiful shop at along with her stockists. For beautifully styled images do check out her Instagram account and you can find her on Facebook too.

NB. This is NOT a sponsored post - I'm just sharing the things I love and it is a pleasure to support other independent artists/makers.

All images are copyright Ruth Landsea/Nämä Designs, apart from the last one.