Revisiting Cambridge: a (rather floral) walk down memory lane

Hot on the heels of my last post about the very beautiful Cambridge University Botanic Garden, I thought I'd share some more photos from my visit to Cambridge last month. I was a student at King's a couple of decades ago (god that makes me sound ancient!) and this was my first visit to Cambridge in a very long time, so it stirred up quite a few memories...

The city was looking as beautiful as I remember it, and in full bloom, with pretty hanging baskets everywhere. And the most bikes I have ever seen - even more than Oxford, if that is possible!

I think I might have seen more in a few days than I did during my entire undergraduate years!! As a student my world was rather small, centred around my College and Faculty/Library and the centre of town... I might have ventured to a few other Colleges, but I had never made it to the train station ;) Life was very different then, before email and mobile phones, let alone social media - I remember queueing for ages to use the pay phone - and finishing a relationship in floods of tears with a line of people listening to my conversation...

It was also a time before digital cameras. I had a film camera then, and developed black & white prints in my Dad's darkroom at home (he was a Professional Photographer). My photos of King's from my student years are buried somewhere in the attic in old photo albums (hopefully along with the negatives), so it was fun to return with my digital SLR.

It was exactly as I remembered it. The grounds are stunning - I remember feeling so privileged (and unworthy!) every day I walked the immaculate paths. It was an intense experience from start to finish, but I wouldn't change anything.

Anyway, back to my photos! Sadly it was rather overcast when I visited King's so I don't have that many photos - the sun decided to pop out just as I was leaving - isn't that always the way?!

I enjoyed a leisurely wander down King's Parade and the backs, watching the punts glide by. I popped into Trinity and St. John's, where I sat for ages taking in the beautiful view and watching the gardeners hard at work, whilst I recovered some strength. Hats off to the gardeners there - I have never seen more beautifully maintained lawns and (vast) grounds anywhere. Seriously impressive.

And I must confess to having a thorough explore of all the shops too - I got lost in the huge John Lewis for several hours! I also paid a visit to the fantastic and very special Kettle's Yard - but that deserves a post of its very own. Coming soon....