Spring spectacular at Merriments Garden

Since we left Oxford at the end of last year I've been on the hunt for some new gardens to frequent - I need a regular dose of beautiful blooms! I'd been totally spoiled in the past by having the University of Oxford Botanic Garden on my doorstep. So I was very happy indeed to discover the beautiful Merriments Garden, near Hawkhurst and Ticehurst.

We visited twice last week and ended up joining their garden club so we can visit as many times as we like over the year - hurrah! I'm so glad we made it in time to see the blossom in all its glory. There is the most amazing cherry blossom tree over-hanging the Monet pond with a beautiful blue bridge. The petals were falling like confetti and floating in the water - it reminded me of a pointillist painting. I feel privileged to have seen it - a week later it was all gone - so precious and so fleeting...

We also timed it perfectly to see their beautiful and very colourful display of tulips, part of their "Spring Spectacular". The garden isn't huge, about 4 acres - but it's jam packed with flowers, just the way I like it. It's beautifully designed too, with so many different viewpoints and gardens within gardens, places to sit and ponder, and lots of curves. It gets a big thumbs-up from me!

There were so many different kinds of tulips and every colour imaginable - it really was a feast for the eyes. I loved the combinations - lots of ideas to take away for my garden at home...

These ones reminded me of raspberry ripple ice-cream!

But it's not just tulips - there were so many other flowers out too, including the most delicate fritillaries. And lots of blossom. Please excuse the gratuitous photos - I just adore blossom and can't get enough of it! We sat and picnicked under the beautiful pink number below in the car park field. Is there anything finer then picnicking under blossom filled blue skies? I really don't think so!

Oh and I mustn't forget the Magnolias, looking glorious in the sunshine.

My apologies for such a picture-heavy post - and believe me, there are many more! If you are anywhere near this beautiful garden, I highly recommend a visit - I can't wait to go back in a month or so. If you are in the area, there is another lovely garden nearby in Ticehurst you must see, which also has a tulip festival on at the moment and is looking rather spectacular: Pashley Manor Gardens. But I'll save those photos for another day and another post!

Shades of spring blossom

Nothing makes me happier than the sight of those first spring flowers poking through. Except perhaps the blossom that follows. All that perfect, pastel froth and loveliness displayed for free, lining our streets and filling our parks. I adore spring!

I'm currently loving variations on the blush pink colour palette and various shades of dove grey. So much inspiration to be taken from the spring colours outside.

I'm pondering using some such combination to paint our living room, to complement our new charcoal sofas. But I suspect the pondering might continue some time as I'm desperate to get outside and enjoy our beautiful world now that we are finally unpacked and have completed the essential DIY. All the same, I'm collecting some favourite shades on my Pinterest Colour Palette board.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect location for spring blossom near me. All these trees were found nearby and are very beautiful, but I'd love to see more froth! In Oxford, I knew exactly where to go, but I'm starting afresh here in East Sussex. I'm planning to visit some gardens on our holiday next week, so finger's crossed the blossom will hang around a while longer. But if you have any top tips for beautiful blossom in East Sussex, I'd love to hear them!

I may be feeling a little blossom poor, but I'm loving these beautiful Summer Snowflakes that have popped up all over the neighbourhood and even in my garden. Aren't they beautiful? I hope you're enjoying the beautiful spring flowers near you. Expect more from me soon! And in the meantime feel free to have a browse through my Spring Bling set on Flickr if you're in need of some spring colour.

Spring has sprung in Oxford, oh yes!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see longer, sunny days, trees dusted in beautiful blossom and flowers poking up through the ground. Oh yes, spring is most definitely here and is most welcome indeed!

There is an absolutely gorgeous cherry blossom tree on the High Street in Oxford outside the University Church of St. Mary's. It's my spring barometer and is usually one of the first things to bloom, often in early February. I photograph it every year - it's my spring ritual and I never get bored of it! I caught it a bit late this year, as the blossom is already falling and making a very pretty carpet....

I was very happy to win the lovely Emily Quinton's Floral Friday competition last Friday with an iPhone shot of this beautiful tree :)

I also spent a most wonderful afternoon pottering around the University's Botanic Garden - another one of my favourite haunts. I'm always itching to get out my macro lens once the spring flowers start poking through, so I was a bit trigger happy - but who could blame me? I also had a lovely picnic lunch OUTSIDE in the sunshine with a lovely friend :)

I stepped inside one of the beautiful glass houses to be greeted by the most divine scent of Jasmine - and so many floral and ferny delights. It was so warm too. I felt like a happy cat in a window :)

I also braved some of the hotter glass houses - really didn't need my feather down coat and woolly hat that's for sure! The beautiful, delicate (and tiny) crocuses below were in the Alpine House.

I hope you're not bored of springy images yet, as there are lots more coming! I had the most delicious walk last Sunday amongst daffodils and crocuses this space! And enjoy this gorgeous spring sunshine when it appears :)

Oxford in bloom

This is really part II of my earlier post - it was such a lovely day I was a bit trigger happy and there were too many pics for one post! So let's rewind back to last Sunday...

Oxford really was looking stunning in the spring sunshine, reminding me how lucky I am to live here. All the blossom had exploded at once and everywhere was just sooo pretty. I'm so glad I got a chance to capture it all as the wind and rain has since blown all those pretty delicate petals away....

So, after stuffing ourselves full of cake and tea at the Randolph, we decided a gentle meander through Oxford in the sunshine was in order. And a few more outfit shots for good measure. Photos of me (a rare treat for you ;) taken by the very lovely Candy Pop.

Blossom loveliness
Blossom loveliness
Blog photoshoot
Blog photoshoot
Blog photoshoot
Blog photoshoot

What I'm wearing:

Pink tunic and jeans by Joules Brogues by Clarks Scarf ~ vintage (from The Shop off Brick Lane)

Vintage lace

Candy Pop wears: Vintage lace blouse and necklace

Christchurch College, Oxford
Oxford bike
Magdalen School for Boys
Blossom loveliness