Pretty on the inside

Well, it's yet ANOTHER grotty, dark, grey day outside. So in need of cheering up I thought I'd photograph some of my favorite pretty things to brighten the day. Interior shots are definitely the thing for this season - looking forward to spring already!! More interior photos can be found in my Glimpses.... set on Flickr.

Mugs above: Cat with glasses was from Aspire; Owls are by Petra Boase quite some time ago.

My foxy make-up bag

Foxy make-up bag was from Graham and Green


Night light LED rabbits and baby bunny can be found in many places, including the dotcomgiftshop

Hello Kitties!

These are vintage china ornaments made in Japan, circa 1960s. I found the blue one in a yard sale in Padstow and the other one on Etsy from Thrifters.