Blythecon New York 2013

Long time no see! Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post - I've been away on a fabulous trip to the USA for my 40th birthday and it's taken me a while to recover and emerge from the washing mountain...not to mention the photo sorting and editing mountain - I managed to take almost 2,000 photos whilst I was away! But fear not, you won't be bombarded all at once - I'll do it in stages :)

Some of my loot from Blythecon NY 2013

So first up is Blythecon New York. Now, I've never been to a Blythecon before, so wasn't really sure what to expect....

It was amazing, over-whelming, frantic (at least the shopping part was!), exciting, inspiring, and super lovely to finally meet so many people that I've chatted to online before. I was lucky enough to go along and share the day with the lovely Candy Pop, so had a seasoned Blythecon goer by my side.

The venue was split into 3 levels: vendors were on the ground floor, then the food and an area to chat was on the second floor, along with an amazing display of Melissa's Blythe collection, and then the third floor had some more chill out and seating space.

Blythecon New York 2013
Blythecon New York 2013

The day began with a shopping frenzy - it was hard to move around the stalls - definitely a day to be decisive and focussed - no time to think about anything or it was gone! I don't know if it helped or hindered being in dollars - it didn't seem like real money...So many things had gone before I got a chance to get out my camera!

Mab Graves at Blythecon New York 2013
Lounging Linda and M for Monkey at Blythecon New York 2013
Angel Yim at Blythecon New York 2013
Trio at Blythecon New York 2013
I Have Wings at Blythecon New York 2013
The most amazing Yatabazah luxury wigs at Blythecon New York 2013
Caramelody at Blythecon New York 2013

Anyway, with the (initial) shopping out the way, there was a chance to sit and take stock and relax and then wander around and meet so many lovely people. There was so much to take in - I have never seen so many amazing customised dolls before. And so many amazing outfits and accessories....Fortunately there was lots of time to chat and wander and take photos - I think I must have completed at least 6 circuits of all the stalls - and I still don't think I saw everything. Probably just as well, as my money ran out pretty quickly. I still wish I'd taken more photos, though, especially of all the lovely people I met - ah well, there's always next time :)

Yarn heads at Blythecon New York 2013
Blythecon New York 2013
Blythecon New York 2013
GBaby's AMAZING Daisy Buchanan custom at Blythecon New York 2013

At the end of the day there were a few group shots of the Kenners, Blythe twins and the mini-me competition entrants. And then, finally, the raffle! There were SO many prizes, including lots of amazing dolls, so everyone stayed on in high spirits and ever hopeful until the end. Sadly, nothing for me this time - but it was so fun so see the winners go up and collect their prizes. I have to say the most enormous and heartfelt THANK YOU to the main organiser Erica Duh who worked tirelessly for so long before the event and during the event to make it such a roaring success. Thank you so much Erica!

A staircase of Kenners at Blythecon New York 2013
Roz & Olga's twins at Blythecon New York 2013
Brittany and her AMAZING mini-me at Blythecon New York 2013
Bottoms-up at Blythecon New York 2013

Candy Pop and I also dropped in to the pre-meet at Central Park the day before and it was so lovely to meet everyone there at a more relaxed pace.

BCNY Pre-Meet in Central Park
BCNY Pre-Meet in Central Park
BCNY Pre-Meet in Central Park
BCNY Pre-Meet in Central Park
BCNY Pre-Meet in Central Park
Momolita's girl - BCNY Pre-Meet in Central Park

More photos from Blythecon and the pre-meet can be found on Flickr. In my next post, I'll share more of my New York adventures....

Friday Favourites ~ Owl Friday!

Happy Owl Friday folks! I thought it was finally time to do an owl themed Treasury, given how much I love them :) Here are a few of my faves from the Etsyverse...there really is something about owls!!

Friday Favourites ~ Owl Friday!

I thought you might also like to see some of my owl collection - it's been a little while - and they do seem to be breeding :) Wishing you all a wonderful sunny weekend!

My owl collection (well, some of it...)
My owl shelf <3
My owl collection (well, some of it...)

Blythe mini meet

I had such a lovely time on Saturday. A couple of friends popped over for some Blythe chat and afternoon tea. There were Blythes aplenty! We had a little clothes swap, compared hair colours, shared tips and the lovely Marie showed me how to change eye chips. So I got to see my first Blythe opened up! I'm still rather terrified at the prospect of doing this myself, but seeing the difference some new eye chips makes has given me a huge incentive to give it a go :) I'm feeling all inspired again and have lots of ideas for new things to try. So thank you very much to the lovely Candy Pop and Marie!

Alexis Emerald and her factory nemesis

Here are the "after" photos of Chloe with her fabulous new Almond Doll eye chips. The before and during pics were not very elegant, so I'll spare you those ;)

Chloe gets new eye chips by Almond Doll
Chloe gets new eye chips by Almond Doll

It was so much fun to photograph some other dolls for a was the reason I stepped into the Blythe world in the first place and I'm so glad I did - it's sparked lots of creativity and I've met so many lovely people.

Psychedelic Goldie
Blythe mini meet at my house

2012: the year of collections

First there were owls (well there have been owls for quite a number of years to be fair). Then along came Blythe, thanks to a new year visit to the fabulous home of Candy Pop - I was mesmerised by these beautiful dolls that were such fun to photograph....

Then at some point I started amassing a collection of beautiful vintage china (oh and a few cats and dogs), fuelled by regular visits to the Oxford Thursday Vintage Market (right on the doorstep of where I work!), oh and crocheted granny chic blankets, and vintage fabric (2013 is going to be all about making fabulous things with the fabric!)....

And last but not least, a deer collection appears to be developing :) Once again, I blame the lovely Candy Pop, who has the most amazing vintage deer collection - and they are just so photogenic, don't you think?

Maybe I'll feature some of the other collections in future posts - but this one is all about the deer :)

Festive deer :)