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Sneaky peek of my home: part 1

Well hello there! I'm very happy to say that the sun is still shining as I type this. All the lovely light today made me grab my camera to capture a few shots of our new home. We moved here in December and are still busy nesting and sorting - there seems to be an endless list of things to do! But it really is starting to feel like home. So, first up, are a few shots of our lovely dual-aspect bedroom:

The embroidery hoops are a super simple make and such a lovely way of displaying vintage fabric - I just cut my fabric roughly to size, insert, tighten, pull and trim. I don't stick the fabric, so I can change it all round when I feel like it :) The gorgeous owl wall hanging was made by Jodijoretro - doesn't it go perfectly? The bedspread was a lucky eBay find for £2.70! And I made the cushions. All very aqua, but it makes me happy!

The owl shelf existed in my last house too, but I loved it so much it came with us. I made some curtains for the side window from a gorgeous new fabric by Robert Kaufman from the Mod Tex collection. It comes in a pink colourway too, which is just as divine. Please excuse the walls - the house has been painted in various shades of beige, which I hate - it will be changed, but not yet - we want to get out and explore first!

I made a little display on the side of my wardrobe from some beautiful illustrations that came with Flow Magazine, a spotty paper from an old issue of Mollie Makes and the beautiful Love Lives Here print in the centre is by Field Trip. I love using washi tape to pop up some prints - it feels very informal and I love changing things around quite often, so it works well for me. Right now, I wanted something a bit springy and I'm loving the blush colour palette - definitely going to paint one of our walls in that!

The gorgeous vintage linen curtains were sourced for me by the lovely Rainbow Vintage Home - she finds the most amazing things. They make me smile so much - such a fabulous print - perhaps of Scandinavian origin?

And now, onto the kitchen. I'm so excited to be able to have a little display shelf in our new kitchen, and room for cookery books. Our last kitchen was a galley one - it had amazing storage, but was very small. This time we have a kitchen/diner and I much prefer it. It is also dual aspect with some lovely double doors leading onto our decking, so it gets lots of light. I spend a lot of time here, so wanted to make it a happy space.

I have quite a collection of tea towels and got fed up of staring at the side of the fridge every day, so thought I'd try a tea towel with some magnets - and voila, instant art display. I love simple, instant solutions!

I'll leave you with a little iphone snap of the display cubes in our sitting room. They are from IKEA - I just covered the backs in vintage wallpaper. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out - they sit above the TV and balance the space out nicely. We've still got loads to do in the sitting room, so I'll save those photos for another day. Getting there, slowly!