Introducing #mybeautifulsimplicity

I've finally jumped on the hashtag bandwagon! I've been umming and ahhhing about this for a while, but decided it was finally time to create and curate my own Instagram hashtag to share the kind of images I love. Allow me to introduce #mybeautifulsimplicity

So what's #mybeautifulsimplicity all about?

Well, I'm looking for beautifully simple images, full of space, especially white space. They should feel calm and be free from clutter and detail. Think simple backgrounds with minimal objects - perhaps a flatlay or a still life. Or seascapes and nature images where simplicity is the focus. Using a shallow depth of field can be a great way to create simplicity and blur out any distracting details. The same goes for a limited colour palette. It's not so much the subject matter, but the way it is presented.

To get things started, I've tagged some of my images to give a feel for what the hashtag is about. But I'd LOVE to see YOUR beautifully simple images. Please do join in by adding the hashtag #mybeautifulsimplicity to any images that you think are a good fit.

I'll share some favourites every couple of weeks on my Instagram account @zoepower and some monthly round-ups over here on my blog. I think it's such a lovely way to discover new accounts and inspiration.

Please do spread the word - and get tagging!

A photo posted by Zoë Power (@zoepower) on

A photo posted by Zoë Power (@zoepower) on

A photo posted by Zoë Power (@zoepower) on

A photo posted by Zoë Power (@zoepower) on

A photo posted by Zoë Power (@zoepower) on

A photo posted by Zoë Power (@zoepower) on

Inspirational Instagram hashtags

Well hello everyone and Happy Friday! I really wanted to reinstate my Friday Favourites series on the blog, as I have so many favourite things I'd love to share with you. I'm going to mix it up this time and use the space to feature a different favourite thing of mine each week - could be a maker, photographer, artist, fabric, collection, Pinterest board, blog, magazine, shop, experience, etc. etc. - whatever takes my fancy, really! I hope it will help you to discover some lovely new things.

This week, I'm kicking off with a couple of favourite Instagram hashtags/weekly challenges. I adore Instagram. It's my happy place. Somewhere I go to feast my eyes on beautiful images and chat to like minded souls. It's a place for encouragement, creativity and inspiration.

1. Friday Faffing Competition #fridayfaffingcompetition 

Friday Faffing Competition is hosted by the very lovely and supremely talented @juliabesidethesea, @katherinedorrington and @am_i_dreaming_now (do take a look at their beautiful photostreams!). The idea is simple - have a lovely faff with some pretty bits and bobs, create a styled image, upload it to Instagram and tag it #fridayfaffingcompetition. You'll find that quite a few people like to combine a good Friday faff with #floralfridaycompetition, another beautiful hashtag/competition run by the lovely @emilyquinton. Friday's are certainly pretty! I've found so many beautiful photostreams to follow via this hashtag.

Every Sunday, one of the group will share four of their favourite images. See below for the favourites selected over the last couple of weeks, plus a screenshot of the gallery to give you a flavour. There really is so much eye candy, so do go and have a browse. Right, best go and get my faff on!

Image credits (above):

TL: @lilyandfrank TR: @petiamphotos BL: @allenandbear BR: @keepingupblog

Image credits (above):

TL: @georgiestclair TR: @thedizzybee BL: @ridasj BR: @tartepink2

Image above: screenshot of the #fridayfaffingcompetition gallery - it's constantly changing!

2. My Monday Moodboard #mymondaymoodboard

My Monday Moodboard is another weekly photo styling challenge to encourage creativity & inspiration. It is hosted by the super lovely @jessicatrent & @seasidelucy (who both have the most gorgeous photostreams too). Anyone is welcome to join in, just upload your styled image to Instagram on a Monday and tag it #mymondaymoodboard and follow @mymondaymoodboard.

Jess usually does a mid week round-up of some favourite images and shares these on Instagram, as well as picking a "super fave" which she shares on her lovely blog, The Cabinet Maker's Lovetale. See below for some of the recent mid-week round-up favourites, plus a screenshot of the gallery. A beautiful way to brighten up Mondays!

Image credits (above):

TL: @live_and_bloom TR: @mangelka BL: @so__laura BR: @thislittlecorner

Other favourites I like to dip into are Tuesday's #gatheredstyle hosted by @aquietstyle and the weekly challenges set by @its_my_week. Do you have a favourite Instagram hashtag/challenge you love to follow or take part in? Do let me know in the comments - I love to discover new inspiration.

You can find me on Instagram as @zoepower. Come say hi!