A peek inside my home

Vintage friends

I've been meaning to do an interiors post for ages. Faffing around with my displays happens on a fairly regular basis here, so I wanted to show you some current favourite bits and bobs. We've still (7 years on!) got lots of painting to do, so please excuse some of the grotty walls.

First up is the living room and my vintage "lady tat" shelves as my other half likes to call them :) You might notice a bit of an obsession with Alice Apple's fabulous sausage dogs - I adore them! I'm thinking of painting the wall behind the shelves different chalky pastel shades - maybe a job for my staycation.....

An Alice Apple obsession
Bunting makes me smile

Next up is the dining room. Quite a while ago now, I ditched the books I never read and replaced them with some eye candy. I stand and stare at this every morning while I do my yoga practice and it makes me smile every day :)

I ditched the books for these...
Owls rule

So now we head into the bedroom. We painted it aqua a little while ago and I adore the colour. The decor here is rather dominated by owls (I have a very accommodating and lovely husband). I challenge anyone not to smile when you walk in and are greeted by such a fabulous shelf of aqua owls! And there is an owl wall too. And some embroidery hoops above the bed to balance out the owls. They are such a great way to display favourite bits of fabric - and cheap too.

My owl shelf <3
My owl wall
Embroidery hoops update

And last but by no means least, we head into my study - I am very lucky to have a room of my own. It's still very much a work in progress and desperately needs a coat of paint - but I love it just as it is. I'm a big fan of colour and these shelves of happy make me smile, even on grotty dark days. The shelves are picture rails from Ikea and are fabulous as I can swap things around to my hearts content without having to drill holes into the walls all the time :)

My happy shelf #1
My happy shelf #2
My cat shelf

Crocheted blanket love

Well, Happy New Year folks!

I thought I would start the new year by sharing about a recent new obsession of mine: crocheted blankets! We regularly make the trip to a small village called Hawkhurst in Cranbrook, Kent to visit my Grandmother-in-law. Imagine my surprise to stumble upon an amazing little shop called Winifred's Daughter selling handmade and vintage loveliness! Every time I visited, though, this sweet little shop was closed. I tried again on Christmas Eve, and this time rang the mobile number posted on the door and the lovely owner popped down and opened up!

She had the most amazing selection of crocheted blankets in 3 sizes, that were made locally by a lady in the village (I'd been eyeing these up for several months!). Plus an amazing collection of other handmade items such as the fox and the owl on the sofa below made by a Danish designer, cushion covers in vintage fabrics, and an amazing hand-picked selection of vintage ornaments, pictures, kitchenware....Suffice to say I did not leave empty handed!!!

Below are a few photos of the two blankets that came home with me (one perfect for our bed, the other perfect for the sofa) and of course Mr. Fox and Mrs. Owl perched on the sofa :)

The sofa's had a makeover :)

Some crafty weekend fun with embroidery hoops

I've been meaning to do something creative with the empty space above my bed for a while now. I've seen lots of embroidery hoops pop up in various places recently and thought a collection of these with some lovely vintage fabric would look rather nice. So I raided my fabric collection - and voila!

My bedroom walls are a pale aqua and I have a shelf of aqua owls that I wanted to co-ordinate with, so this was my starting point. The blue 70s barkcloth was a real find (from the Oxford vintage Thursday market) as this co-ordinates perfectly with my gorgeous bedside lampshade from follyandglee. It looked a bit plain, so I popped a few doilies in the hoops to cheer it up.

You can get embroidery hoops from lots of craft stores - I got mine from stitcher.co.uk for a few pounds each - it's a really cheap way to make a great unique display :)

Embroidery hoop weekend fun
My owl shelf