Friday Favourites ~ Owl Friday!

Happy Owl Friday folks! I thought it was finally time to do an owl themed Treasury, given how much I love them :) Here are a few of my faves from the Etsyverse...there really is something about owls!!

Friday Favourites ~ Owl Friday!

I thought you might also like to see some of my owl collection - it's been a little while - and they do seem to be breeding :) Wishing you all a wonderful sunny weekend!

My owl collection (well, some of it...)
My owl shelf <3
My owl collection (well, some of it...)

Pretty on the inside

Well, it's yet ANOTHER grotty, dark, grey day outside. So in need of cheering up I thought I'd photograph some of my favorite pretty things to brighten the day. Interior shots are definitely the thing for this season - looking forward to spring already!! More interior photos can be found in my Glimpses.... set on Flickr.

Mugs above: Cat with glasses was from Aspire; Owls are by Petra Boase quite some time ago.

My foxy make-up bag

Foxy make-up bag was from Graham and Green


Night light LED rabbits and baby bunny can be found in many places, including the dotcomgiftshop

Hello Kitties!

These are vintage china ornaments made in Japan, circa 1960s. I found the blue one in a yard sale in Padstow and the other one on Etsy from Thrifters.

Handmade love

I get so much pleasure from the fabulous handmade treasures I've found on Etsy, that I thought it would be nice to share them. Here are some of the favourites I've amassed over the last year or so. They live on various happy shelves around my house and make me smile whenever I walk past :) One of my ambitions for 2013 is to learn how to make things like this myself.....

So a huge thank you to all the talented people below and across the handmade community for all the smiles and inspiration!

Jane Foster softies

Above: Jane Foster softies

Mini Dachshunds by aliceapple

Above: Mini Dachshunds by aliceapple

Handmade bunny by Dancingintherains

Above: Handmade bunny by Dancingintherains

Clive the owl by Zeena Shah

Above: Clive the owl by Zeena Shah

Lavender filled owls and bunny from Pouch

Above: Lavender filled owls and bunny from Pouch.

Sleepy owl by Little Tea Wagon

Above: Sleepy owl by Little Tea Wagon

Some crafty weekend fun with embroidery hoops

I've been meaning to do something creative with the empty space above my bed for a while now. I've seen lots of embroidery hoops pop up in various places recently and thought a collection of these with some lovely vintage fabric would look rather nice. So I raided my fabric collection - and voila!

My bedroom walls are a pale aqua and I have a shelf of aqua owls that I wanted to co-ordinate with, so this was my starting point. The blue 70s barkcloth was a real find (from the Oxford vintage Thursday market) as this co-ordinates perfectly with my gorgeous bedside lampshade from follyandglee. It looked a bit plain, so I popped a few doilies in the hoops to cheer it up.

You can get embroidery hoops from lots of craft stores - I got mine from stitcher.co.uk for a few pounds each - it's a really cheap way to make a great unique display :)

Embroidery hoop weekend fun
My owl shelf

Owls beautiful Owls

Al and I went to a special photography day at the Barn Owl Centre near Gloucester in late April and it was such an amazing day. There were only 6 of us, so we got lots of opportunities to get close to the beautiful owls. They set up some flying shots for us, as well as finding some logs and other places for the owls to sit on for the close-up shots. I highly recommend it and the money goes to a very worthy cause. See my Owl Set on Flickr for more photos.