January Blythe photoshoot and a rainbow

So, January has been a pretty tough, long month - anyone else fed up with weeks of bitter cold, snow and ice? I feel like I've been living underground for weeks...But this weekend it's all change - the sun has come out and the rain has washed away all the dirty leftover snow and we can see the grass again. Today we were even treated to a rainbow!

So, forced to keep my photography inside (roll on spring!) I've enjoyed setting up some shots of my Blythe dolls. They are so much fun to style and are very well behaved and compliant models :)

On the editing front, I'm still rather obsessed with Florabella's Color Matte Actions and Design Kit. It includes actions for Photoshop that allow you to add colour bars to your images and make them square (works especially well with portait images). The colour picker allows you to pick up a colour from within your image so it all looks very complementary; you can also overlay textures and other prints for added interest.

Pink clouds

I've also recently bought some more digital papers and labels from Aesthetic Addiction on Etsy- the coloured doilies you see on the left hand side of these images are some examples. So much fun!

60s plummy glitter

Florabella's other Photoshop Actions are also a staple of mine. I use the Classic Workflow set all the time. My usual recipe is Perfect Color, followed by a touch of Rosy Cream and a dash of 1968. Go check them out - they're rather wonderful!

Alice rocks a 60s vibe
A little dose of sunshine

A little bit obsessed...with Florabella's Color Matte Actions

Anyone who's been following my Flickr stream of late will have noticed lots of square images pop up with pretty colour blocks, textures and patterns. Since I bought Florabella's delicious Color Matte Actions and Design Kit, I can't help myself - everything has to be square and pretty! If you like what you see, do go and check out the Florabella Collection - her Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions are truly fabulous and a staple of mine (great for producing dreamy, soft, pastel, vintage effects) and she has lots and lots of pretty textures and frames. I thought the square format would be perfect for blogging! So here are a few recent favourites:

Purple linen
Possible exhibition photo *6*
Sofia explores the Botanic Garden
Sofia in the Botanic Garden
Bunny girl
Charlie girl
Miss Sally Rice
60s twins with a damask twist