Fine and Dandy: vintage heaven in Marazion, Cornwall

Update Oct 2015

Please note that the Fine & Dandy bricks and mortar shop is now closed. Please follow Shevie's Instagram account for her online shop details.

I was lucky enough to visit the utterly fabulous Fine and Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall, for a second time earlier this month (see my post from last year for photos from my first visit).

The shop is run by the super lovely Shevie, who has such an amazing eye for finding, curating and displaying the most gorgeous selection of vintage items from the 30s to the 60s. There are lots of vintage toys and pretty china and so much pastel loveliness that it's all a bit much to take in! Fine and Dandy has just turned 4, so I'm sending my best happy birthday wishes and hoping it continues to grow and blossom.

If you are ever down in Cornwall, you must pop in and pay a visit - the shop is just packed full of vintage loveliness and the displays are a work of art in themselves. For those who can't make it in person, Shevie has also now set-up an Etsy shop and an eBay shop, so everyone can enjoy a little slice of Fine & Dandy, wherever they are. Shevie also has the loveliest Instagram photostream :)

My last visit was at Easter time as well - the shop was looking so pretty, decked out in easter finery. The displays are always changing - take a look at Shevie's Flickr set for more photos of Fine and Dandy over the years.

I took a couple of Blythes with me to visit Shevie and they looked right at home. I'm sorry there aren't more photos - I was too busy having such a lovely time chatting to Shevie!

Whilst you're down in Marazion, there's lots to see and do - St. Michael's Mount is a must - and I can recommend the lovely Delicious deli/cafe - beautiful, tasty fresh food and lovely tea served in vintage china (some of it from Shevie's shop!).

There are lots of lovely beaches and coves nearby too. We enjoyed exploring the beautiful and secluded Prussia Cove, and the lovely Praa Sands. We wandered up and down the beach at Praa Sands watching the waves crash and roll, with the sun on our face - magical - and what Cornwall is all about for me.

I've got lots more to share about my Cornwall adventures - so expect more posts and pictures soon :)

Friday Favourites ~ four fabulous vintage sellers

Happy Friday folks! It's rolled around awfully quickly, hasn't it? Today I thought I'd share four of my favourite "go-to" vintage sellers on Etsy. From left to right we have:

  • Thrifters: a wide range of beautifully curated and photographed vintage items from home decor to kitsch ornaments to kitchenware. This is also the source of my fabulous Japanese kitsch cats which I just adore!
  • Fine and Dandy Marazion: the online arm of the most fabulous vintage shop I have ever had the fortune to visit. Full of fabulous kitsch toys and ornaments and other loveliness that has caught Shevie's amazing eye for treasure. Also the source of quite a lot of my own vintage treasures :)
  • Pomme de Jour: a fabulous collection of vintage fabrics and wallpaper and other homewares, based in France. If the 60s and 70s are your thing, then Tanya has it covered. I've treated myself to some of her fabulous fabrics and there are many more on my wish list!
  • KittyKatDance: a USA based store bursting with colour and happy kitsch ornaments and toys and fabulous handmade Xmas wreaths with bambis...a few of my bambis have come from here :)

Friday Favourites ~ four fabulous vintage sellers

Friday Favourites ~ Vintage market treasures

Happy Friday one and all! Something a little different today. I thought I would share some of my favourite vintage finds over the last several months via some mosaics of my Instagram snaps....

The first mosaic below shows some of the treasure I have found at the vintage market in Oxford. It is held every Thursday in Gloucester Green and is fabulous! I work nearby and try to manage a quick dash round in my lunch hour most weeks. You will find a wide range of different sellers with everything from china to coins to clothes to books to art.... If you live near Oxford, do go and have a browse! Read more about it at

The second mosaic below shows other vintage finds I have sourced from lots of places, including these fabulous shops:

Enjoy browsing and treasure hunting and have a fabulous weekend! x

A peek inside my home

Vintage friends

I've been meaning to do an interiors post for ages. Faffing around with my displays happens on a fairly regular basis here, so I wanted to show you some current favourite bits and bobs. We've still (7 years on!) got lots of painting to do, so please excuse some of the grotty walls.

First up is the living room and my vintage "lady tat" shelves as my other half likes to call them :) You might notice a bit of an obsession with Alice Apple's fabulous sausage dogs - I adore them! I'm thinking of painting the wall behind the shelves different chalky pastel shades - maybe a job for my staycation.....

An Alice Apple obsession
Bunting makes me smile

Next up is the dining room. Quite a while ago now, I ditched the books I never read and replaced them with some eye candy. I stand and stare at this every morning while I do my yoga practice and it makes me smile every day :)

I ditched the books for these...
Owls rule

So now we head into the bedroom. We painted it aqua a little while ago and I adore the colour. The decor here is rather dominated by owls (I have a very accommodating and lovely husband). I challenge anyone not to smile when you walk in and are greeted by such a fabulous shelf of aqua owls! And there is an owl wall too. And some embroidery hoops above the bed to balance out the owls. They are such a great way to display favourite bits of fabric - and cheap too.

My owl shelf <3
My owl wall
Embroidery hoops update

And last but by no means least, we head into my study - I am very lucky to have a room of my own. It's still very much a work in progress and desperately needs a coat of paint - but I love it just as it is. I'm a big fan of colour and these shelves of happy make me smile, even on grotty dark days. The shelves are picture rails from Ikea and are fabulous as I can swap things around to my hearts content without having to drill holes into the walls all the time :)

My happy shelf #1
My happy shelf #2
My cat shelf

Fine and Dandy: a treasure trove of vintage eye candy

If you are ever down in Cornwall you *must* be sure to visit the amazing Fine and Dandy shop in Marazion. I can safely say it is the most utterly fabulous vintage shop I have ever seen. The displays are just gorgeous. I wanted to buy everything!! It is run by the lovely Shevie, who has such an amazing eye for displaying things - and for hunting out the finest vintage treasures. Toys are her speciality, but there is a fabulous selection of china and other things too. My photos don't do the shop justice, but hopefully they'll give you an idea of some of the treasures that lay within...

If you can't get to Cornwall, Shevie has a selection of items for sale in her Etsy shop. You can also find her on Flickr and Instagram for a regular dose of vintage goodness :) And for more pics of Shevie's lovely shop over the years please see her Fine and Dandy set on Flickr.

The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *12*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *1*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *10*

I took a few of my Blythes with me to visit Shevie and they looked right at home :) We spent a lovely few hours having a good natter - Shevie is so friendly and welcoming.

The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *18*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *17*

The Easter displays were just gorgeous...

The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *3*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *19*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *4*

And there are shelves of amazingness on display behind the counter of things that Shevie has found or been given (these ones are not for sale) - I could stare for hours...

The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *15*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *16*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *11*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *13*

Everything is displayed so beautifully - there are vintage cabinets, a dressing table and a cot with the cutest lamb decal on it...

The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *2*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *14*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *8*

Eye candy as far as the eye can see...

The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *9*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *7*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *5*
The gorgeous Fine & Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall *6*

Pretty on the inside

Well, it's yet ANOTHER grotty, dark, grey day outside. So in need of cheering up I thought I'd photograph some of my favorite pretty things to brighten the day. Interior shots are definitely the thing for this season - looking forward to spring already!! More interior photos can be found in my Glimpses.... set on Flickr.

Mugs above: Cat with glasses was from Aspire; Owls are by Petra Boase quite some time ago.

My foxy make-up bag

Foxy make-up bag was from Graham and Green


Night light LED rabbits and baby bunny can be found in many places, including the dotcomgiftshop

Hello Kitties!

These are vintage china ornaments made in Japan, circa 1960s. I found the blue one in a yard sale in Padstow and the other one on Etsy from Thrifters.

Crocheted blanket love

Well, Happy New Year folks!

I thought I would start the new year by sharing about a recent new obsession of mine: crocheted blankets! We regularly make the trip to a small village called Hawkhurst in Cranbrook, Kent to visit my Grandmother-in-law. Imagine my surprise to stumble upon an amazing little shop called Winifred's Daughter selling handmade and vintage loveliness! Every time I visited, though, this sweet little shop was closed. I tried again on Christmas Eve, and this time rang the mobile number posted on the door and the lovely owner popped down and opened up!

She had the most amazing selection of crocheted blankets in 3 sizes, that were made locally by a lady in the village (I'd been eyeing these up for several months!). Plus an amazing collection of other handmade items such as the fox and the owl on the sofa below made by a Danish designer, cushion covers in vintage fabrics, and an amazing hand-picked selection of vintage ornaments, pictures, kitchenware....Suffice to say I did not leave empty handed!!!

Below are a few photos of the two blankets that came home with me (one perfect for our bed, the other perfect for the sofa) and of course Mr. Fox and Mrs. Owl perched on the sofa :)

The sofa's had a makeover :)

2012: a review in pictures

Well, it's that time of year again! Time to look back and reflect on 2012 and all the lovely things I did, places I visited, pictures I took, people I met, things I made, things that inspired me...

I won't bore you with lots of details, you'll be pleased to hear! Instead I've created a couple of mosaics of my favourite pictures from 2012. It's impossible to pick just a few!!

The first one is all about landscapes and natural beauty in the world around us. I was lucky enough to visit Brighton, Cornwall a couple of times, Devon, Jersey (where my folks live), Bath and Christchurch. I LOVE the sea, so this is a big influence, and all that fabulous S P A C E! We also found the most amazing, beautiful Japanese garden in St. Mawgan, Cornwall, in the spring, so this features heavily.

2012 Faves Part 1

The second one is all about Blythes, beautiful handmade things and interiors. 2012 has been the year of Blythe - it all started on new year's day 2012 round at the lovely Candy Pop's and I've been hooked ever since. I've "met" so many lovely people online and in the flesh through this hobby and it's rekindled my love of crafting and making things. I also introduced my sister to the wonderful world of Blythe and she is totally hooked too and has been busy knitting away making wonderful creations for her Etsy shop....They are so much fun to style and photograph! I've also really enjoyed giving our home a bit of a vintage makeover and have collected so many lovely things over the year - and look forward to more of it in 2013!

2012 Faves Part 2

Instagram has been a huge part of my life in 2012 too, so I couldn't write this review without a mention. I've taken far too many pics to even pick out some favourites, so I've included a screenshot of my Instagram page below instead :) You can find me on Instagram as @zoepower

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who has followed along, looked at my pictures, commented, faved, and shared the journey :) I wish you all the most fabulous, inspired, creative and above all Happy 2013!