Styling the Seasons: September

It feels like no time at all since I was writing my August post - and yet everything feels different. The nights draw in so quickly in September. It's the month to get cosy - to dig out the blankets and the hot water bottles. To nest, and start planning all those things you wanted to do over the summer but never had time for as you were too busy outdoors enjoying the light and sunshine.

This month I've styled up a little corner of my craft room / office. Since my July Styling the Seasons post, I've moved my room around and made space for an armchair. I can't tell you how happy this has made me! I've wanted somewhere comfy to sit and read for so long, and somewhere to rest when my chronic fatigue kicks in.

I've been hunting for an armchair for a while now, on a very small budget. Having looked around lots of vintage/antique shops, I concluded that the classic IKEA Poäng was my best bet. Whilst I would have adored a beautifully refurbished vintage number, they were all very much outside my budget. And the Poäng is SO comfy, which is really important to me. And I think it looks lovely in the Isunda Grey cover.

I've dug out some favourite crocheted blankets, to snuggle under as I read/snooze, and teamed it with one of my favourite vintage fabric cushions. My chair is tucked into the corner, right next to the radiator, for maximum warmth (although the heating is banned until October in this house, so I've yet to try it out!). Oh and please excuse the state of the walls - they will be painted a crisp bright white when I have some strength.

I'm watched over by a shelf of Jane Foster softies, made from some beautiful vintage fabrics - as you can probably tell, I adore vintage fabrics from the 60s and 70s.

I've been spending a lot of time in my chair this month, flicking through gardening magazines looking for inspiration for my planting plan. Now that we've had our rotten, collapsed fence replaced and ivy pulled out, we are in the process of having some raised sleeper beds put in the back garden, and I have the fun task of deciding what we are going to put in them! So when the weather has allowed, I've been out in the garden, digging and preparing. Nothing finer than September sunshine, especially when it is followed by heavy grey skies, downpours and chilly days, like today. September really is a month of extremes - a transitional month, as we let go of summer's warmth and ease ourselves into autumn.

I must confess that rather a lot of tea drinking goes on when the temperature drops - something so comforting about a nice hot mug of tea...

So that's it from me this month, my cosy edition of Styling the Seasons for September.

Styling the Seasons is a monthly styling challenge run by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lotts that anyone can join in. The idea is to style a surface of your home according to what that month means to you, and to share some photographs on your blog or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter with the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons.

Vintage Jumble & Prop Sale - 4 Oct 2015

The theme for Styling the Seasons this month is vintage, in honour of the vintage jumble and prop sale that Katy has organised with a group of other bloggers.

It will be held on Sunday 4 October 1.30-4.30pm in Lindfield, West Sussex, in the King Edward Hall

I'm happy to say that I am going to be a part of it and will have a stall, selling some of my vintage china (pictured below), vintage bedspreads and crocheted blankets, handmade vintage fabric bags, a few owls, some russian dolls, china dogs, sheepskin rugs and more...

Will you come? It would be lovely to see you. Please do spread the word - more information about the day and the other sellers can be found on Katy's blog post: Vintage jumble and prop sale. x

Sneaky peek of my home: part 1

Well hello there! I'm very happy to say that the sun is still shining as I type this. All the lovely light today made me grab my camera to capture a few shots of our new home. We moved here in December and are still busy nesting and sorting - there seems to be an endless list of things to do! But it really is starting to feel like home. So, first up, are a few shots of our lovely dual-aspect bedroom:

The embroidery hoops are a super simple make and such a lovely way of displaying vintage fabric - I just cut my fabric roughly to size, insert, tighten, pull and trim. I don't stick the fabric, so I can change it all round when I feel like it :) The gorgeous owl wall hanging was made by Jodijoretro - doesn't it go perfectly? The bedspread was a lucky eBay find for £2.70! And I made the cushions. All very aqua, but it makes me happy!

The owl shelf existed in my last house too, but I loved it so much it came with us. I made some curtains for the side window from a gorgeous new fabric by Robert Kaufman from the Mod Tex collection. It comes in a pink colourway too, which is just as divine. Please excuse the walls - the house has been painted in various shades of beige, which I hate - it will be changed, but not yet - we want to get out and explore first!

I made a little display on the side of my wardrobe from some beautiful illustrations that came with Flow Magazine, a spotty paper from an old issue of Mollie Makes and the beautiful Love Lives Here print in the centre is by Field Trip. I love using washi tape to pop up some prints - it feels very informal and I love changing things around quite often, so it works well for me. Right now, I wanted something a bit springy and I'm loving the blush colour palette - definitely going to paint one of our walls in that!

The gorgeous vintage linen curtains were sourced for me by the lovely Rainbow Vintage Home - she finds the most amazing things. They make me smile so much - such a fabulous print - perhaps of Scandinavian origin?

And now, onto the kitchen. I'm so excited to be able to have a little display shelf in our new kitchen, and room for cookery books. Our last kitchen was a galley one - it had amazing storage, but was very small. This time we have a kitchen/diner and I much prefer it. It is also dual aspect with some lovely double doors leading onto our decking, so it gets lots of light. I spend a lot of time here, so wanted to make it a happy space.

I have quite a collection of tea towels and got fed up of staring at the side of the fridge every day, so thought I'd try a tea towel with some magnets - and voila, instant art display. I love simple, instant solutions!

I'll leave you with a little iphone snap of the display cubes in our sitting room. They are from IKEA - I just covered the backs in vintage wallpaper. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out - they sit above the TV and balance the space out nicely. We've still got loads to do in the sitting room, so I'll save those photos for another day. Getting there, slowly!

Fine and Dandy: vintage heaven in Marazion, Cornwall

Update Oct 2015

Please note that the Fine & Dandy bricks and mortar shop is now closed. Please follow Shevie's Instagram account for her online shop details.

I was lucky enough to visit the utterly fabulous Fine and Dandy shop in Marazion, Cornwall, for a second time earlier this month (see my post from last year for photos from my first visit).

The shop is run by the super lovely Shevie, who has such an amazing eye for finding, curating and displaying the most gorgeous selection of vintage items from the 30s to the 60s. There are lots of vintage toys and pretty china and so much pastel loveliness that it's all a bit much to take in! Fine and Dandy has just turned 4, so I'm sending my best happy birthday wishes and hoping it continues to grow and blossom.

If you are ever down in Cornwall, you must pop in and pay a visit - the shop is just packed full of vintage loveliness and the displays are a work of art in themselves. For those who can't make it in person, Shevie has also now set-up an Etsy shop and an eBay shop, so everyone can enjoy a little slice of Fine & Dandy, wherever they are. Shevie also has the loveliest Instagram photostream :)

My last visit was at Easter time as well - the shop was looking so pretty, decked out in easter finery. The displays are always changing - take a look at Shevie's Flickr set for more photos of Fine and Dandy over the years.

I took a couple of Blythes with me to visit Shevie and they looked right at home. I'm sorry there aren't more photos - I was too busy having such a lovely time chatting to Shevie!

Whilst you're down in Marazion, there's lots to see and do - St. Michael's Mount is a must - and I can recommend the lovely Delicious deli/cafe - beautiful, tasty fresh food and lovely tea served in vintage china (some of it from Shevie's shop!).

There are lots of lovely beaches and coves nearby too. We enjoyed exploring the beautiful and secluded Prussia Cove, and the lovely Praa Sands. We wandered up and down the beach at Praa Sands watching the waves crash and roll, with the sun on our face - magical - and what Cornwall is all about for me.

I've got lots more to share about my Cornwall adventures - so expect more posts and pictures soon :)

Merry Christmas!

Just popping in to wish you all a most wonderful and very happy and relaxing Christmas break! I hope you all get to put your feet up at some point and recharge those batteries.

Thank you most sincerely for all your visits and lovely comments throughout the year - they are all very much appreciated. I have thoroughly enjoyed my blogging year (and it's not over yet!) and am looking forward to even more in 2014. So it's a Happy Christmas and ta ta for now from me and the bambis and those pesky dwarves ;) xxx

Thrifting fun in Devon

Well, Happy Wednesday everyone! Can't believe how quickly the time is flying - only 7 sleeps until Christmas - eek!

I went to visit my lovely sister in Barnstaple recently for a pre-Christmas get together and some crafting and thrifting fun. It's so lovely to share interests - we had a fun day (or two!) exploring the many charity shops in Barnstaple, I had some refresher knitting lessons and a tutorial on how to make an empire line Blythe dress, and I helped my sister with some Blythe customisation...I think that first moment when you open up one of your precious Blythes needs some friendly support!! We also found the time for some beautiful bracing sea walks with the doggies, even though the weather was rather wild!

Merry Kitschmas from the seven dwarfs!
A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!

I thought I'd share some of my charity shop finds with you today, as I really am super excited by them. Normally, I have the worst luck - I visit the charity shops in Oxford frequently and rarely find anything, so this was a most unusual haul!

First up is the most amazing, happy, colourful crochet blanket. I think this was the last thing I found, and my favourite. It is hard to portray how vivd the colours are - especially the green - it glows! I just love the edging too - haven't seen much like this before.

A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!
A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!
A most happy and cheerful crochet blanket find. I'm in love!

Next up are some finds from the North Devon Hospice, which has an upstairs dedicated to vintage. I squealed rather a lot when I went up the stairs! I found the most beautiful cotton yellow tunic dress - please excuse the photos - it needs a good wash and an iron - but isn't that print just fab! Roll on spring :)

My happy dress
My happy dress

I also fell in love with these pyrex cups and their yellow rose print. In an unusually restrained move, I left them behind the first day whilst I thought about it (do we have the space?) and went back for them the next day and happily they were still there! I'm so pleased I did. They were only £4 too - such a bargain!

I adore this yellow rose print :)
I adore this yellow rose print :)

And then my eyes spotted the most fabulous quilted dressing gown. This beauty was just £2.50!! Isn't the print just divine? It came complete with a vintage tissue (used!) in that pretty pocket :) Now all washed and fresh as a daisy. I was originally contemplating cutting it up to make some things, but I don't think I can bear to, so it will stay hanging up for me to admire, and remain a photo prop. I might just have to parade round in it on Xmas day too :)

Granny chic
Granny chic

And that's not it! In this treasure trove of vintage goodness, I also found the beautiful double bedspread below. And THE most amazing seven dwarfs at the top of the page. Aren't they absolutely fabulous? I couldn't believe my luck when I found them :) They are now brightening up my white Christmas tree - and (hopefully) safely located at the top, out of reach of cats :)

A most beautiful pink bedspread

In a different shop I found another fabulous crochet blanket in different shades of purple. I must confess to having quite a large collection of them - perhaps another blog post to show and tell....

More crochet blanket love
More crochet blanket love

And last, but not least, as I was paying for my happy multi-coloured crochet blanket, I spotted some vintage Christmas decs on the counter: 5 for 50p!! Would have been rude not to, so santa and Mr Snowman came home with me, along with a pink bauble or two!

Mr Snowman
Awesome santa

All in all, a thoroughly lovely trip and a most fabulous haul. Now I need a bigger house!! Wishing you all a super lovely and very happy and relaxing Christmas in case I don't "see" you before then! Hope all your preparations are going well. It's been a bit of a handmade Christmas for me this year - pics to follow once the lovely recipients have opened their presents :)

Friday Favourites ~ four fabulous vintage sellers

Happy Friday folks! It's rolled around awfully quickly, hasn't it? Today I thought I'd share four of my favourite "go-to" vintage sellers on Etsy. From left to right we have:

  • Thrifters: a wide range of beautifully curated and photographed vintage items from home decor to kitsch ornaments to kitchenware. This is also the source of my fabulous Japanese kitsch cats which I just adore!
  • Fine and Dandy Marazion: the online arm of the most fabulous vintage shop I have ever had the fortune to visit. Full of fabulous kitsch toys and ornaments and other loveliness that has caught Shevie's amazing eye for treasure. Also the source of quite a lot of my own vintage treasures :)
  • Pomme de Jour: a fabulous collection of vintage fabrics and wallpaper and other homewares, based in France. If the 60s and 70s are your thing, then Tanya has it covered. I've treated myself to some of her fabulous fabrics and there are many more on my wish list!
  • KittyKatDance: a USA based store bursting with colour and happy kitsch ornaments and toys and fabulous handmade Xmas wreaths with bambis...a few of my bambis have come from here :)

Friday Favourites ~ four fabulous vintage sellers

Friday Favourites ~ Vintage market treasures

Happy Friday one and all! Something a little different today. I thought I would share some of my favourite vintage finds over the last several months via some mosaics of my Instagram snaps....

The first mosaic below shows some of the treasure I have found at the vintage market in Oxford. It is held every Thursday in Gloucester Green and is fabulous! I work nearby and try to manage a quick dash round in my lunch hour most weeks. You will find a wide range of different sellers with everything from china to coins to clothes to books to art.... If you live near Oxford, do go and have a browse! Read more about it at

The second mosaic below shows other vintage finds I have sourced from lots of places, including these fabulous shops:

Enjoy browsing and treasure hunting and have a fabulous weekend! x

Friday Favourites ~ Vintage print gorgeousness

Well, Happy Friday one and all - even if it is a grey old day! I guess the garden needs some rain.... I thought I would cheer us all up with a collection of lovely bright vintage wallpaper and fabric prints from the 60s and 70s. Aren't they fabulous? This is just a small selection of my favourites.... I'm desperately trying to resist the urge to stockpile them all and be more sensible and just get them when I actually start a particular project....not sure if I'll succeed :) Do drop by and have a good browse - there are hundreds of vintage wonders in some of these beautiful Etsy shops. Enjoy!

Friday Favourites ~ Vintage print gorgeousness

Lazy hazy summer days

Flowers from the garden

It's so wonderful to finally be having a summer in the UK! It's been a bit of a non-event the last few years, so it feels extra special to have had a few weeks of non-stop sunshine and blue skies. I hear that some thundery showers lie ahead as I write this - am sure the garden will welcome some rain!

Summer days
Summer reading

So, we've got to enjoy our garden this year. I've dressed the table to make it look pretty and sat out drinking sparkling elderflower in the shade with a stack of fabulous books to feast my eyes upon...And all inspired by the beautiful images in Homespun Style (my favourite interiors book ever I think) I spent the day rushing upstairs and downstairs to bring down vintage pillowcases and Blythe dolls to photograph on the lawn in this gorgeous light...

Pillowcase love
Blythe camouflage
Blythe camouflage
Lazy summer days...
Vintage fabric love
Three shades of green
Lazing in the garden
My iPhone case

We've also been joined most days by our beautiful next door neighbours - here are Mum Poppy and daughter Martha - aren't they beautiful?


And of course summer means flowers in abundance. I couldn't resist bringing these beautiful Hydrangeas indoors to pop in my owl vase - even though I will suffer - unfortunately I am allergic to flowers :( But as long as I get to photograph them first, I don't mind too much!

Owl vase love <3

Sunny Artweeks Sunday

A gorgeous day with friends pottering around the countryside looking at vintage prettiness and art - what could be nicer?

Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show

The day started with a browse around Station Mill Antiques Centre in Chipping Norton, before lunch and a potter around the vintage china at the Applestore in Batsford Arboretum. I had a jolly good rummage through the pick n' mix china and came away with this beautifully mis-matching selection :)

My vintage pick n mix

We then moved on to the beautiful village of Chadlington for the highlight of the day: the Artweeks show by the very lovely and talented Found and Sewn. Vicki designs and makes beautiful vintage textiles and collages. Her show is set-up in an oh so pretty summerhouse and tea and cake is served outside in the garden in a lovely selection of vintage china. You *must* go if you get a chance - the exhibition is on until 27 May.

Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show
Vintage teapot
Found and Sewn's beautiful Artweeks show

We then had a lovely meander through the countryside in the sunshine taking in some more lovely Artweeks shows along the way and enjoying all the pretty gardens. A thoroughly lovely way to spend a Sunday!

Summer pinks
Wild flowers
Apple blossom