A bedroom tour and a giveaway - win a Nest & Burrow wall hanging!

I'm very excited to share this with you today - both because it's taken ages to finally finish off our bedroom - and because the prize on offer is absolutely gorgeous!

A little while ago I stumbled across the beautiful work of Suzanne of Nest & Burrow (funnily enough through the #mybeautifulsimplicity hashtag I curate on Instagram, as Suzanne had tagged a photo of one of her wall hangings) and I knew immediately that they would be perfect for our bedroom. I'd been hunting for something soft and tactile to hang in the space above our bed. I wanted some gentle muted colours that reminded me of nature and the coast I love so much - of pebbles, sand and shells... And something that would work well with the pink, grey and white that was already there.... So I set my alarm for Suzanne's last shop update and added these two beauties (above and below) from her "beauty in simplicity" collection to my shopping basket very rapidly! I'm thrilled to bits with them. 


Suzanne and I have been chatting since then (isn't Instagram wonderful for connecting with like-minded souls?) and thought it would be lovely to do a little collaboration. So I'm thrilled to help Suzanne launch her new Instagram hashtag #mynestandburrow.

I asked Suzanne to tell us a bit more about it: 

#mynestandburrow is about the way you lovingly create spaces in your home {nesting} and the resulting magic that provides a nourishing environment for you and your family’s wellbeing.
It’s about being inspired by nature, bringing the outdoors in, light, natural materials, as well as a strong interior design ethic that says You!

Use the tag to share your favourite spaces and pockets of your home. The cherished places where you entertain, spend time with family and friends, meditate, create, cook, sleep....or simply just be.

And as we are working up to the longest day of the year with the summer solstice this month (or the shortest day and winter solstice for you lovely people in the Southern Hemisphere), I thought it would be lovely to focus on the effect of light in our homes and how it makes us feel. Adding an extension has made so much difference to the light in our home which means all the difference to me......it literally feeds my soul.

Suzanne goes on to explain "I love the natural environment and spending time outdoors helps me thrive and provides immense inspiration. I also have a passion for natural materials, aesthetics and modern interior design. These elements combined have inspired me to design simple yet stylish luxury pieces to help people decorate their homes and create a cosy, nurturing environment - a nest if you like."

Suzanne is very generously offering a wall hanging from her new collection (not released yet) as a prize for one of the images tagged to #mynestandburrow. And I get to choose my favourite image! I'm absolutely delighted to be the guest judge. You have until 06 July to share your images, so get tagging! 

How to enter the giveaway

  1. Follow @nestandburrowuk and @zoepower on Instagram.
  2. Tag photos of your favourite, cherished spaces at home {your nest} that have been inspired by nature and natural materials with #mynestandburrow on Instagram by 06 July 2017. If you can, try and capture the magic of light in your home and what that means to you.
  3. I will choose my favourite image and Suzanne will announce the winner on her Instagram account.
  4. The giveaway is open worldwide.

If you'd like to read a bit more about Suzanne, her work, materials, inspiration and her home, there's a lovely interview over on the Alice in Scandiland blog (Alice has another one of Suzanne's wall hangings and an absolutely beautiful home - do take a look around!).

You can find Suzanne / Nest & Burrow on Etsy | Instagram | Facebook |  and you can sign up to her mailing list to receive an instant 20% discount code and regular updates and offers on her collections.

Now back to my bedroom...read on to find out how I have cosied up my favourite space with inspiration from nature.

My bedroom update

My bedroom update has been a long time coming. In the two and a half years we've been here, the space has evolved from something very colourful and packed with bold vintage prints (see what it looked like before - but you might need sunglasses!), to the calm white oasis you see today. I'd been craving a calmer, gentler space filled with light and free from clutter, with soft muted colours.... a space that better reflected the beautiful coastal environment we now live in. A space with room to breathe and reflect, that encouraged a good night's sleep.

We painted the walls white about a year and a half ago and replaced the carpet with some white laminate flooring at the same time. One set of curtains also got replaced with plain white ones, although I couldn't bear to part with the vintage linen ones you see below as they are just too precious and the room needed a *little* pattern :)

It's a sunny, dual aspect room and the light just bounces around now - I love it!

The pile of blankets in the corner is a bed for our little dog Misty

The pile of blankets in the corner is a bed for our little dog Misty

We have a giant wardrobe from IKEA with sliding doors that keeps everything hidden away and it's absolutely brilliant (we customised the insides to suit our requirements - so much fun!). Initially, I had a second wardrobe in the space you see the mirror above - but we felt it imposed on the room too much and after a big old sort out (thank you Marie Kondo!) I didn't need it anymore. We kept the mirrored door, though. I had planned to put a small chest of drawers in its place to use as a sort of dressing table, but then decided that I loved the clean simple uncluttered look with nothing on display (and less to dust!). So now I have my "dressing table" inside my wardrobe and it works pretty well - except when my husband and I both need to slide our doors at the same time.....

When we adopted our little dog Misty (above) we discovered she LOVES to sit on the window sill and watch the world go by (or snooze!) and that she is very adept at climbing up steps to get there! So I cleared off the window sill to avoid any damage and make space for her :)

I also finally got round to making some cushions the other week. I'd bought the pink Japanese fabric with half moon shapes well over a year ago with the bedroom in mind. Getting my wall hangings up was the push I needed to get my sewing machine out and finish the room off! I'd made the light grey cushions a while back and thought they'd make the perfect companions for the pink half moons.

I absolutely love my birch wall shelf below (the round dorm by Ferm Living) and enjoy changing the displays regularly to suit the season and my mood. It's usually full of treasures I have found on my travels - I'm such a magpie when it comes to pebbles and shells! (although I must confess most of the shells below have come from the Philippines via the shell shop in St. Ives). I fell in love with the shape and it sat on my wishlist for a loooong time. I'm so glad I finally decided to go for it. These days any purchases I make are well considered - I've done some major sorting and decluttering over the last couple of years and anything new has to earn its place.

You get a lovely view of the shelf as you walk past and enter the room (see below).

I've also introduced a bit of greenery into the room to help it feel calm - this sunny windowsill is perfect as it gets the morning light and there is no radiator underneath to dry the plants out.

And a few more details as I love this wool so much....

So there you have it - our bedroom is finally finished (well, for now at least)! Let me know if you've got any questions....and don't forget to enter Suzanne's amazing giveaway - I look forward to seeing all your beautiful images and cosy nests tagged to #mynestandburrow.