A bluebell wander

Well, hello there! I'm sorry it's been a while - I've been busy painting and decorating our house....lots and lots of white walls and doors and skirting! I've taken a short break from painting in order to keep my sanity, so I'm very pleased to finally be able to share some photos from a wander in some very beautiful bluebell woods back in April....

There really is something magical about a carpet of bluebells in pretty woodland with the sun streaming through the trees. This year we thought we would explore somewhere new and tried our luck with the Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve on the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire border - we weren't disappointed!

We stumbled across some fabulous twig wig wams - such a great idea! They proved very popular and of course we had to have a play too :) Photo of me taken by my lovely husband.

I took a Blythe with me for a little photoshoot too. We got a few strange looks, but escaped relatively unscathed, apart from some very sticky tree sap!! Her outfit was knitted by my lovely sister (her Etsy shop is On Blythe Street).

I really do think this is a pretty incredible sight - and what's so wonderful is that it is free for everyone to enjoy. I do so love living somewhere I can enjoy the seasons and the amazing shows that nature puts on - it has been a most fabulous and floral spring :)

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead - and hope to see you again soon :)