Pashley Manor Gardens

I hope you will excuse a little flashback to spring, even though summer is blooming all around us. I had the pleasure of visiting the stunning Pashley Manor Gardens back in April, the day before their tulip festival started. Now I'm not usually one for formal gardens (I prefer mine wild and rambling) but I was bowled over by the beauty of the gardens and grounds. Pashley Manor Gardens are located on the border between East Sussex and Kent and are in the middle of the most beautiful countryside.

I don't think I've ever seen a more impressive display of tulips - every colour and variety you could imagine (100 different varieties in fact and 25,000 blooms in total). And everything was so amazingly neat and tidy - we saw lots of gardeners trimming and tidying everywhere, making sure everything was perfect for opening day.

My absolute favourite area, that I returned to many times over our visit, was the pool. Hard to believe this is in the UK! If I ever had the good fortune to stay in a place like this, I don't think I would ever leave the poolside. That blue looked so inviting.....

There were lots of beautiful statues dotted around the grounds, carefully placed to relate to one another, their surroundings and to lead the eye to the most impressive views.

I think my absolute favourites were the pool ladies...although the deer came a close second....

The Manor House is pretty impressive too. They serve drinks and food from the verandah, allowing you to enjoy a very beautiful view. The house is cloaked in wisteria - I bet it's looking amazing now!

I think I did quite a few circuits of the gardens, trying to drink everything in. Luckily there are lots of very well placed seats for you to rest, accompanied by the most beautiful birdsong. It really is a most relaxing place.

I think it's definitely worth a return visit - it must be looking completely different already. I believe the roses are now the stars of the show. For more information, please visit the Pashley Manor Gardens website.